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Is This The End Of Traditional Life Insurance

Avoid this common mistake and potentially save hundreds of dollars a year on your life insurance cover.

The most common reasons Kiwi’s purchase life insurance are children and debt, such as a mortgage.

And because we get our mortgage through the bank, this is where most Kiwi’s will go to get life insurance cover; or worse, they’ll go directly through the insurance provider.

So why is this mistake so costly and how can avoiding this save you hundreds of dollars a year on your policy?

This article explains:

  • Why avoiding this common mistake can save you hundred of dollars a year
  • A better way for Kiwi’s to get affordable life insurance in 2020

No Contact Details Required to Find Out How To Get The Best Life Insurance Cover And Provide For Your Family

1. Traditional banks and insurers use a cookie-cutter approach – not a personalised tailored approach….

Banks and big multinational insurance providers try to fit everyone into the same policies without paying enough attention to people’s individual circumstances.

Because of this, you end up paying MORE to get insured for things you DON’T need. Or worse, you’re unknowingly NOT insured for the things you DO need.

This can be a nightmare if the worst case does happen, and your family is relying on this policy to look after them.

Purchasing insurance from a bank can expose you to this risk.

2. The banks are incentivised to push products by their insurance partners

Worse… going straight through the insurance companies will see you missing out on the benefits of shopping around and researching to find the right deal.

Banks and insurers only show you the policies they sell, NOT the policies that best suit you.

By doing this, the banks are NOT offering the most affordable options available

3. Banks offer a wide range of products far beyond just the scope of insurance

It makes sense then, that bank advisors just cannot offer the level of specialist knowledge that is required when giving insurance advice.

An insurance consultation with a specialist should make things simple to understand because they possess knowledge about New Zealand insurance that bank advisors don’t bother to learn, or simply do not have time to learn.

No Contact Details Required to Find Out How To Get The Best Life Insurance Cover And Provide For Your Family (Value $997)

A better way for Kiwis over 45 to get affordable life insurance

Wisekiwi helps Kiwis connect with insurance specialists to find them the right life insurance, for free.

One tiny form, a quick chat with one of our RFA-vetted insurance partners and you’re good to go.

Our specialists will compare policies from all leading New Zealand insurance providers to find you the most affordable policy that only covers you for the things you need to be.

Here’s how:

First, take our 30 second ‘artificial intelligence’ survey tool to help us connect you with our specialist that best matches your specific needs.

Once we’ve matched you, our specialist will be in touch to have a quick chat.

After chatting with them, they’ll search the whole of the market to find you the best deal, tailored to YOU!

This service IS FREE. And if you can prove a better deal elsewhere, we’ll match it!

To find the best deal today, simply apply for a quote here.

Get started now, and start saving.
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No Contact Details Required to Find Out How To Get The Best Life Insurance Cover And Provide For Your Family (Value $997)

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This assessment is presented by to help New Zealanders determine the best way to protect themselves and their families. This is a 100% no-obligation assessment.

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